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Casa Pou de la Nina

Casa Pou de la Nina

The aim of this project was to unite two adjoining houses located on the Ribera de Cabanes. As such, the main task was to do away with elements of the existing constructions and reconfigure the spaces. The staircase running parallel to the dividing wall was maintained and transformed into the element around which these spaces are now oriented.

The new spatial distribution is generous: the rooms have been expanded and their functional elements are more compact. A new central storage island serves to organize circulation, allowing for a continuous visual that runs parallel to the facade, enhancing the spatial perception of this new home.

These two houses have undergone several alterations in the past, and have been converted into a single home more than once. Therefore, this project raises questions about the ephemeral nature of purely functional innovations in existing structures and is conceived as a self-consciously temporary spatial intervention in the history of these buildings.

Design development 2016-2018
Team: Beatriz Alés Gregori, Amanda Ramón Constantí
Photos: Milena Villaba, Beatriz Alés Atelier
Location: Ribera de Cabanes, Spain