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La masa desnuda: collective restrooms

La masa desnuda: collective restrooms

The subject of this competition was to design and rethink how a collective restroom should be. Being included as one of the satellite exhibitions of a ceramic fair, this proposal does not talk about materials, but about the way we use them.

From the historical point of view, since centuries ago people have been using those rooms always in a similar way: from the Roman thermal complex to the hammân-s, restrooms have always been a meeting point where a dialogue could be hold.
Another issue to pay attention to is the user scale, which tends to disappear in big sport facilities. The vulnerability of a naked person in one of those large buildings’ restrooms creates the need to rethink how a public space could turn into a private space proportional to the human body.

2015 — 2º premio Competition CevisamaLab
Location: Abstract thesis