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Nursery school in Llubí, Mallorca

Nursery school in Llubí, Mallorca

The volume of this new building is lined up with the other street constructions, following the usual geometry of these urban layouts from thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The central patio is connected to the street through the entrance area. By placing all the program around the patio, we are domesticating the exterior space in order to establish a direct and permanent relation with it.

This typology creates diagonal visuals that cross the different sequence of spaces. This perspective brings the nursery school closer to the image of a place to be discovered, more related to a home than to an institution.

The roof is shown as a thick volume, with a strong functional character. It works as a prevegetated rain tank box, which has an excellent energy performance. Its changing section allows for natural ventilation and brightness without blinding.

2017 — Open competition
Team: Beatriz Alés Gregori (architect), Artine Arquitecnia (budget)
Location: Llubí, Mallorca (ES)